JFFH 2017

Trailer JFFH 2017

Alle Filme dieses Festivaljahres:

A woman wavering in the rain
An Autumn Afternoon
At the terrace
Bitter Honey
Black Room
Bloody Muscle Body Builder in Hell
Blossoming Into a Family
Colonel Panics
Creepy Hide & Seek
Cutie Honey: Tears
dadadada seventeen
Dark Side of the Light
Dead of Night
Die rote Schildkröte
Dokumushi: Toxic Insects
Genocidal Organ
Grab the sun
Hello, Goodbye
I am a hero
In This Corner of the World
Inherit the Stars: The Director's Cut
Innocent Blood
Karate Kill
Kasagi Rock!
Kaze no Tayori
Kodoku: Meatball Machine
Les Neuf Fenetres
Lost Serenade
Meatball Machine
Memories of my Mother
Midori – The Camellia Girl
Mother, I've Pretty Much Forgotten Your Face
Mr. Long
Musical・MY☆ROAD MOVIE ~Bicycle Trip Of Self-Discovery~
Over the Fence
Pop Rock Building
Quietness of the Sea
Re: Born
Requiem 1
Requiem 2
Run Seoul Run
Shin Godzilla
Sorry Baby
Sound of Waves
The Empire of Corpses
The Eye's Dream
The Girl who never knew war
The Ninja War of Torakage
The Seal of the Sun
Till the end of the world
Tokyo Grand Guignol
Traces of Sin
Violent Love
von hier
Where Is The Better Future Of A Fake Town

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Das 19. JFFH findet statt vom 23.–27.05.2018.

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