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Nihon Media e. V. is the registered society responsible for organizing the JFFH – Japan-Filmfest Hamburg. It provides the framework for the film festival and other Japanese events related to film and culture. All the members are working in an honorary capacity. It is the society’s objective to create a place for people to meet and discuss Japanese and German culture and society through the medium of film. We also wish to provide a stage for filmmakers from both countries where they can share opinions and cooperate. Through these endeavors, we want to contribute to improving the intercultural appreciation between both countries.


Do you enjoy the festival?

Thanks to the help and support of countless volunteers, we are able to bring modern and classical Japanese cinema to you for the fifteenth time since 1999. But copies and transport are expensive, which is why we are depending on the support of sponsors and donations to be able to bring the masterpieces of Japanese cinema to Hamburg’s screens once again next year.

Please consider becoming a “friend of the festival” (“Freund des Festivals”) and member of the registered society Nihon Media e. V. or supporting us with a donation. Nihon Media e. V. is a registered charity and all donations are tax-deductable. We will be happy to make out a donation receipt in your name. Every contribution counts!

Our doors are always open for motivated volunteers. Feel free to approach our team members in one of the theaters or contact us via email.

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The 19th JFFH takes places on May 23rd – May 27th 2018.

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