映画「臍帯」(サイタイ) Saitai

Naoki Hashimoto | 2010 | 108 min | 35mm | OmeU | Eleven Arts | Deutschland Premiere

Miho Fujima, Ako Masuki, Sayoko Oho, Hiroshi Sakuma, Ryoko Takizawa, Miyu Yagyu

Mika (Oho Sayoko) was abandoned as a child from her mother Naoko (Takizawa Ryoko) and has ever since longed for vengeance. Now Mika is confronted with the new life of her mother and filled with blazing hatred. Circulating between orphanage and foster families, Mika never experienced such a thing as love. She is consumed with envy towards her half-sister luring her into a trap; jet Mika is still longing for love.

Naoki Hashimoto is already an established film producer in Japan with international successes (including TONY TAKITANI 2004). Now with his first full-length film he has his debut as a director. Along with the acting of Oho Sayoko, Naoki Hashimoto created a really impressive film. A catching psychological drama at which end the deep wide Ocean is becoming one with the films wistfully Soundtrack; an emotional ending.

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