DEEP BLUE / STRINGPHONE / 何であたし / 嘘つき女の明けない夜明け

DEEP BLUE / STRINGPHONE / 何であたし / 嘘つき女の明けない夜明け

4 FILME // 81 min // OmeU

von Kazuhito Nakae // 2011 // 27 min // Blu-ray // OmeU // Kazuhito Nakae

mit Yukiko Nihei, Haruki Nihei, Tatsuhiro Ito, Sanshirou Rai, Yumiko Kojima, Daisuke Masuyama

Years after Yukiko has left her hometown Kiryu, she returns to attend her grandmother’s funeral with her young son. When she meets her father and brother, she is confronted once more with her family’s lack of involvement. Several roles are played by people from Kiryu, giving the movie a distinctive documentary feel.

von Kazuhito Nakae // 2008 // 5 min // Blu-ray // OmeU // Kazuhito Nakae

mit NICO, Tatsuhiro Ito, Gan Kyoutarou

Nico’s boyfriend lives abroad. She has increasing problems with reaching him by phone. Then she comes upon a strange device: A string phone for international calls…Kazuhito Nakae shows that in a world where Smartphones are ubiquitous, we run into danger of forgetting how to communicate.

WHY ME? 何であたし nan de atashi
von Soukichi Miyata // 2011 // 20 min // DVD // OmeU // Soukichi Miyata

mit Rumi Shishido, Misaki Sugimoto, Shigenori Yamazaki

Rumi and Misaki’s friendship was severed when a man came between them. When Misaki is beaten down and mugged, their relationship changes once again. Main actress Rumi Shishido has composed and sung the title song.

A LYING WOMAN’S DAYBREAK 嘘つき女の明けない夜明け Usotsuki-onna no akenai yoake
von Madoka Kumagai // 2009 // 29 min // DVD // OmeU // VIPO

mit Yuko Miyamoto, Reiko Sato Reiko, Ryosuke Watabe, Mutsuo Yoshioka, Shungicu Uchida

It’s an idyllic Japanese suburb: Piano teacher Yuriko is just giving lectures, but soon her small ideal world is smashed by the harsh accusations of an unexpected visitor. Yuriko has to start a new life, but her past haunts her…

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