2 FILME // 102 min // OmeU

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GETAWAY: OTSUKA Ken aka Puppy – Urbandash Production
MINOMAN: Herr IRIE – Regie (mit Ehefrau und Assistent)
Kiyomichi Funyu – Produzent von Funyu Corporation

MINOMAN von Irie // 2007 // 53 min // DVD // OmeU // Funyu Corporation

mit Takeshi Irie, Michie Hirai, Yoshiyuki Shibata

To escape his dreadful life as an unsuccessful craftsman, Minoman lives a parallel existence in which he’s heroic and brave. In his daydreams he is a master of sword fighting and rescues the young girl in the real world. After work he practices sword fighting on the playground. This draws him into his dream world, and the border between reality and fantasy slowly fades away.

JFFH 2012 JFFH 2012 JFFH 2012

GETAWAY OTSUKA Ken aka Puppy // 2010 // 49 min // Mini-DV // OmeU // Urbandash Production

mit Eito Azumaya , Yuniko, Hiro Kannazuki

At day, Yuji works in an electronics company, where he is bullied by the head of his department. At night, he pursues his dream of becoming a writer: His alter ego is Yuichiro, who is persecuted by a Yakuza. But suddenly, the two worlds seem to merge… This carefully crafted film shows that you don’t need a big budget to tell a fantastic story.

JFFH 2012 JFFH 2012 JFFH 2012
JFFH 2012 JFFH 2012 JFFH 2012


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