2 FILME // 85 min // OmeU

SYNCHRONICITY シンクロニシティ shinkuronishiti
von Joe Tanaka // 2011 // 77 min // Blu-ray // OmeU // Joe Tanaka

mit Katsuya Kobayashi, Issui Miyamoto, Ichiro Hashimoto

Life does not turn out as expected for a young couple: He is struggling to establish himself as an artist, and she can’t keep a job for more than five minutes. When she starts dating other men to earn some money, the situation gets out of control.

SCHMETTERLINGSFRAUEN UND KRÄHENMÄNNER 蝶と女と鴉と男 Chō to on’na to karasu to otoko
von Joe Tanaka // 2011 // 8 min // DVD // OmeU // Osaka University of Arts

mit Sou Hirosawa, JUN

Wordlessly and with dreamy images, the director leads us through feelings of aspiration and into a sense of being lost. He uses an interesting mix of computer animation and film sequences.

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