TUESDAY GIRL / 微温 / 最低

TUESDAY GIRL / 微温 / 最低

3 FILME // 122 min // OmeU // Cojika Films

von Rikiya Imaizumi // 2011 // 44 min // DVD // OmeU // Cojika Cake Films

mit Takanori Sekiguchi, Juri Takagi, Tomoki Kimura, Kazuyo Katagata, Keiko Furuuchi, Cohana Imaizumi, Aya, Fumiko Aoyagi, Syogo Kuzukami, Rikiya Imaizumi

Two men in their late twenties must make important decisions concerning their relationships: The first man wants to see his first love once more before he gets married. The encounter poses a threat for the upcoming wedding. The second man has just lost his job, and his girlfriend is considering leaving him.

TWO TIMER 微温 bion
von Rikiya Imaizumi // 2009 // 34 min // DVD // OmeU // Cojika Cake Films

mit Yu Inoue, Risako Oikawa, Tateto Serizawa, Yukako Ono

“Two Timer” deals with the relationship between a young couple. Both are bored by each other. Secretly, they are both looking for a second partner. This constellation bares several risks but at the same time offers the possibility for the protagonists to discover important issues about themselves.

von Rikiya Imaizumi // 2007 // 44 min // DVD // OmeU // Cojika Cake Films

mit Tateto Serizawa, Aya Tensho, Nozomi Kawakami, Kazuha Komiya, Shin Kotakehara, kia, Hideyuki Arai,

A stalker has fallen in love with a girl. He makes it his mission in life to protect her from evil. To this aim, he installs surveillance cameras in her room. Soon, he becomes imprisoned, but the story is not over for the girl.

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