A woman wavering in the rain

雨にゆれる女 • Ame ni yareru onna
by Hanno Yoshihiro
2016 • 83 min • OmeU • Bitters End

with Aoki Munetaka, Ito Ohno, Amane Okayama

Norio lives a quiet life under a fake name. Nothing is exciting in his life and he only keeps in contact with his colleagues from work. But among them is co-worker who wants more from him – one day he brings a young acquaintance home, who needs shelter. But soon it becomes clear that this woman has a secret like Norio. Does she know his secret? Is there any connection? Norio is not sure if he wants to find out her secret, but she is here, like a shadow from the past.

Text: Vivian Wille

European Premiere
► Metropolis Kino • Donnerstag, 1.6.2017 • 22:00 Uhr


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