dadadada seventeen

脱脱脱脱17 • Dadadada 17
by Hana Matsumoto
2016 • 117 min • OmeU • Ride Pictures / SPOTTED PRODUCTIONS

with Yuho Kitazawa, Rigaku Suzuki, Kirara Inori

Rikako is seventeen and punished with a emotional manipulating mother.
Nobou is also seventeen, and that for seventeen Years now. He just isn't able to handle a traumatic event from his past. Together both try to find Rikakos father, who lives in another town.
But the search ends a abruply in an run-down Strip club, where they have to work to pay a, from Nobou caused, damage off. In this unlikely place they learn important Lifelessons which the school wouldn't be able to teach them…

Text: Tonio Fincke

European Premiere
► 3001 Kino • Samstag, 3.6.2017 • 13:15 Uhr


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