Dead of Night

丑刻ニ参ル • Ushikoku ni Mairu
by Naoyoshi Kawamatsu
2015 • 98 min • OmeU • Archeron Pictures

with Hayato Onozuka, Rie Tsuneyoshi, Hitoe ōtake, Keiko Shirasu

Walking through the forrest at night is scary enough. For Kenji the horror only begins when he sees a witch trying to perform the Ushikoku ritual. Luckily for him the spell can only be cast if there are no witnesses… except if the witness dies. Kenji runs away just to realize that the witch is not only tenacious but also that her spell has some weird influence on his friends an family. His loved ones slowly turn against him…

Text: Tonio Fincke

International Premiere
► Studio-Kino • Donnerstag, 1.6.2017 • 20:00 Uhr


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