Grab the sun

太陽を掴め • Taiyo wo Tsukame
by Yutaro Nakamura
2016 • 89 min • OmeU • Underdog Films

with Kaito Yoshimura, Koudai Asaka, Yukino Kishii

Grab the Sun is a story about three friends: band member Yatsuto, part-time photographer Takuma and Takuma's ex-girlfriend Yumika. They spend a lot of time together but nothing meaningful ever happens. What do they want? What do they hope for in their lives? Do they follow their own desires and hopes, or do they only do what is just expected from them? With no one as a role model to teach them how to lead a successful life, their future does not appear particularly promising.

Text: Vivian Wille

International Premiere
► Studio-Kino • Samstag, 3.6.2017 • 22:00 Uhr


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