I am a hero

アイアムアヒーロー • Aiamuahiro
by Shinsuke Sato
2015 • 126 min • OmdU • Kaze

with Yo Oizumi, Kasumi Arimura, Masami Nagasawa, Hisashi Yoshizawa, Yoshinori Okada

A mysterious virus in Japan spreads panic.
Humans who are infected, attack other Humans and turn them also in incredibly strong and feared "ZQNs".
Hideo Suzuki, who is in his thirties, and the student Hiromi Hayakari are trying to escape out of the town.
Hideo, who lived so far a low Life as an unsuccessfull mangaka, now has to be some kind of a hero to protect himself and Hiromi.
But Hiromi already got bitten by a ZQN and is slowly turning into one.
Will the nurse Yabu be able to develope a serum to cure this virus?

Text: Vivian Wille

► Metropolis Kino • Samstag, 3.6.2017 • 15:30 Uhr


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