Over the Fence

オーバー・フェンス • Oba Fensu
by Nobuhiro Yamashita
2016 • 112 min • OmeU • Free Stone Productions

with Joe Odagiri, Yu Aoi, Shota Matsuda, Yukiya Kitamura, Shinnosuke Mitsushima, Tsunekichi Suzuki

Shiraiwa is at a point in life in which others would prefer to press the reset button: unemployed, divorced, and by no stretch of the imagination a young man anymore. He is not dissatisfied, however, and enjoys his time playing softball with his fate fellows at the vocational school, where he's trained as a carpenter. Then the highly emotionally unstable Satoshi breaks into his life. Her unconventional and impulsive behavior triggers in him something at first unnoticed; and he begins to think about his life.

Text: Tonio Fincke

► Metropolis Kino • Sonntag, 4.6.2017 • 14:00 Uhr


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