The Empire of Corpses

屍者の帝国 • Shisha no Teikoku
by Ryōtarō Makihara
2015 • 120 min • Deutsche Synchro • Kaze

with Yoshimasa Hosoya, Ayumu Murase, Kana Hanazawa

In an alternate version of the 1878s London, the medical student John Watson is searching for a way to resurrect the dead – complete with their soul.
While resurrections of the body are possible and soulless slaves are common, so far only Dr. Frankenstein managed to return a soul from the afterworld.
Under government pressure, Watson goes on a quest to find Dr. Frankensteins notes and answers to the question what turns humans into monsters.

Text: Anne Lauenroth

► Studio-Kino • Samstag, 3.6.2017 • 17:45 Uhr


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