The Eye’s Dream

眼球の夢 • Gankyu no yume
by Hisayasu Sato
2016 • 102 min • OmeU • Arrête Ton Cinéma

with Marisa, Rina Sakuragi, Ryuju Kobayashi, Issei Sagawa, Namiki Shailee

Much time has passed since Maya lost her eyeball. But still today she feels a magical connection to it, which shows in her photos. Her exhibition features disturbing, magnified shots of eyeballs.
Sata, a neurologist and film-maker, is fascinated by Maya as well as her work. He offers her a role in his newest movie.
Both don’t know about the maniac, having a sick attraction towards Mayas work.
The movie first pushes them to their limits – and then beyond.

Text: Tonio Fincke

International Premiere
► 3001 Kino • Sonntag, 4.6.2017 • 21:00 Uhr


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