The Seal of the Sun

太陽の蓋 • Taiyo no futa
by Futoshi Sato
2016 • 130 min • OmeU • Gold View

with Yukiya Kitamura, Shima Ohnishi, Yuri Nakamura, Yoshihiko Hakamada, Kunihiko Mitamura

The events of march 2011 burned themselves in the global collective memory: Japan is struck by a strong seaquake. The following tsunami hits numerous coastal towns and kills more than 20,000 people. And in the small place Fukushima a third catastrophe looms: The tsunami wave destroyed the generator supplying electricity to a nuclear power plant and it's merely a matter of time until the meltdown begins. The employees of the power company Tepco desperately try to prevent the ultimate MCA with atavistic methods. The nuclear contamination of large parts of Japan seems unavoidable.

Text: Marald Milling

European Premiere
► Metropolis Kino • Donnerstag, 1.6.2017 • 17:30 Uhr


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