ミュージアム • Myujiamu
by Keishi Ohtomo
2016 • 132 min • OmeU • GAGA Corporation

with Shun Oguri, Machiko Ono, Shuhei Nomura, Tomomi Maruyama, Tomoko Tabata

A series of bizarre murders shocks the whole country. Every victim was disfigured with the untamed gruesomeness of a psychopathic sadist and elaborately arranged. The successful investigator Hisashi Sawamura takes the brief and gets roped little by little into a mind game, seemingly tailor-made for him. Initially, there are only two clear patterns: Every murder took place during a rainfall and the string puller seems to be a mysterious man who disguises his face behind an eerie frog mask.

Text: Martin Ramm

German Premiere
► Metropolis Kino • Samstag, 3.6.2017 • 23:00 Uhr


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