堀川中立売 Horikawa Nakatachiuri
Go Shibata | 2009 | 124 min | Blu-Ray | OmeU | Eleven Arts

Motako Ishii, Takeshi Yamamoto, Kiara Inori, Naozo Horita

Quite a common day in Kyoto, Horikawa Nakatachiuri. Sun is shining, homeless people get bashed up and “Kato the Catwalk” plans to enslave humankind. As she cruises around the city in her hearse, she believes to find the perfect henchman in Terada who, as a student, killed all employees of a lending institution.
In order to anticipate, the magic Yakuza Abe recruits scapegrace and antihero Shinsuke and the freedom-loving homeless Tsutomu.

JFFH 2011 JFFH 2011 JFFH 2011

Go Shibata (LATE BLOOMER, 2004) takes us for a ride into an occult Kyoto, where nothing is what it appears to be. Starting as a social criticism alternative reality, it develops more and more into some colourful, psychedelic feverish dream, supported by a profound indie soundtrack. brain-melt guaranteed!


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