tear-jerking stories of girls who live brutally true to themselves
非女子図鑑 Hijoshi Zukan
miscellaneous directors | 2009 | 105 min | DVD | OmeU | New Cinema Workshop | International Premiere

Miyuki Torii, Rika Adachi, Taku Sakaguchi, Sarara Tsukifune, Hairi Katagiri, Noriko Eguchi, Riisa Naka

A collection of six short films about rather unusual women and their experiences: A schoolgirl believing in fortune messages, a martial-arts-demon fighting for free soba, an archaeologist with an unexpected bra problem, an actress applying for a position as a yakuza-boss, an onsen devotee and a girl who actually wants to kill herself. With its quirky ideas, unexpected turns and beautiful pictures this collections provides a fine cross section through the Japanese movie landscape for women, non-women and men.

– EVE by Takashi Shimizu (u.a. JU-ON, THE GRUDGE)
– TAMAE, DRAW FORTUNES! by Keisuke Toyoshima (u.a. GHOST VS ALIEN)
– FIST FIGHTER MITCHAN! by Yudai Yamaguchi (u.a. MEATBALL MACHINE) mit Taku Sakaguchi
– B FOR BRA by Yoshihiro Fukagawa (u.a. ONE PIECE Drehbuch)
– WHO’S THE MAN? by Kohji Kawano (u.a. mw als Schauspieler )
– HOT SPRING HEAVEN by Yuka Osumi (u.a. SORASOI)
– READY, SET, SUICIDE! by Rempei Tsukamoto (u.a. ONE MISSED CALL 2)

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