Nadja Frenz | 2010 | 55 min | DVD | OmdU | A production of Vidicom Media in coproduction with NDR in
cooperation with ARTE

Kent Nagano, Peter Schmidt, Jean-Pascal Beintus

A documentary of the project “Japan’s Kinderlieder” (“japan’s children’s songs”) by Peter Schmidt und Kent Nagano.

zu Gast:

Nadja Frenz – director
Kent Nagano – conductor
Peter Schmidt – designer
and other guests

As the tradition of singing to children is slowly dying in Japan as in these parts, an important part of culture is dying as well. 58 year old maestro Kent Nagano heard his daughter sing traditional Japanese children’s songs and was so moved he resolved upon preserving them. While Nagano conducted songs from during and after the Meji-restoration in contemporary interpretation, Peter Schmidt created an innovative animated visualization. With “Naganos Kinderlieder” director Nadja Frenz shot a documentary which unites the most beautiful songs with their cultural genesis and visualization.

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