植物人間由芽子 Shokubutsu-ningen-yumeko
Yōsuke Kaneko | 2010 | 27 min | DVD | OmdU | Kaneko Yusuke | International Premiere

Tamami Toyoda, Chisato Sakurai

Kumiko finally found a friend in Yumeko . Both are hanging around, smoking and playing Shôgi (japanese chess). But Kumikos’ new friend is taking this game very serious; for her it is war. One night, Kumiko makes a terrible mistake. Their friendship will depend on one final match. Kumiko scorns to join in. But even as Yumeko has an accident and lapses into a coma the match continues, wether Kumiko wants to or not. “Yumeko” from the director Yôsuke Kaneko outlines the socio phenomenon of the paralyzed individual in Japan. He creates a unique atmosphere, using a dark, aesthetic Scenery; unique characters and his very own Soundtrack. In consequence of using these elements, “ Yumeko” became a peculiar work of art.

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